Andy Lack

Name : Andy Lack

Age : 36

As a former basketballer Andy Lack's truned to cycling and joined Kingston Wheelers. He's done it all. The club runs, road racing, charity rides, time trials, cyclosportifs abroad. And he's only been cycling for short while. Recently he's been racing and is already getting some decent results.

What made you start cycling : Have only very recently got into cycling following years playing Sunday League football (badly), basketball (being 6'5" helped a lot) and running. Despite being not very fast, I kept plugging away at the running until constant injuries forced me to look for a low impact sport. An obsessive cycling friend and stepfather-in-law encouraged me into cycling and I bought my first road bike a year ago. Now I have two!

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers : I was quickly bitten by the cycling bug and the more I looked into it and read about it, the more excited I got about the possibilities... Following a winter of long solo rides into the Surrey Hills I decided I wanted a bit of company so looked for a local club and, like many others, was impressed by the website and then the initial welcome. Had no idea what to expect after that, but within 6 months of joining I'd ridden several TTs, first race and my first cyclosportif abroad.

Date you joined the Club : April 2005.

What bike do you ride : Trek 1500. Not very glamorous, but it's like my first love at the moment.

Give us a brief cycling background : See above... a bit of commuting, the odd charity ride, otherwise nothing of note since I was about 16 and that was only my paper round.

What was your best performance : Am still improving, so my best performance was in the recent 3/4 cat race at Sevenoaks when I pulled away from the chasing bunch to secure eighth place in only my second open road race.

What was your worst day on the bike : Haven't had too many yet. Only really bad days have come through inexperience... eg cycling solo to Brighton on a hot day with almost no food - hit the wall after 60 miles and ended up walking up Ditchling Beacon in cleats.

Who is your favourite pro or inspiration : As a relative newcomer to the sport, I don't really have one. Although not a pro, I found Matt Seaton's book 'The Escape Artist' incredibly insightful at a time when I was just getting into the sport. Gave me a window into how obsessed I could become...

What is your favourite race food : Torq energy bars - banana flavour.

Where is your favourite cycling location : Still the Surrey Hills.

Most likely to say : "It's been emotional."

Least likely to say : "I built this bike all by myself."