Chris Westgate

Name : Chris Westgate

Age : 18

Chris Westgate has ridden in Nepal but had an adventure getting lost in the Surrey Hills.

Date you joined the Club : February 2008.

What made you start cycling : I distinctly remember sitting at my computer in late 2006, whilst browsing through some cycling forums (including the Kingston Wheelers one!), and deciding to learn more about road cycling and get myself a bike, just for the sake of some exercise. I have never really been the sporty type however I have always had a competitive edge in one way or another, and even if I was just competing with myself for a bit I thought it would be a good idea to give it go! Turns out that cycling is brilliant! Who would have thought : !

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers : Local group of guys that seemed very friendly on the first meet (very generic answer, I know, but it's true!). Club run start point is also very close to my doorstep, so even though I struggle to get out of bed early in the morning on a Sunday, I don't have far to roll for the start. It also means I get a bit of an extra lie in.

Give us a brief cycling background The most I did was to and from school, which was a whole three mile round trip. Not much of a background, admittedly. Sorry if you were expecting more here!

What bike do you ride : I started off on a Bianchi C2C with sora bits on to get me started. After a few weeks I was hooked and started saving for something a bit nicer. Currently riding around on a Basso Laguna with Campagnolo bits.

What was your best performance or ride : Hopefully by the end of 2009 I will have something to write in here.

What was your worst day on the bike : Definitely being lost after cycling too far away from home, with no maps, no GPS, no food or drink, no lights, and the sun setting fast. I had also hit the wall about an hour earlier and every pedal stroke was a complete chore. It was a panic-filled ride trying to find some sort of signpost to point me back home, and when I did find one it was down a stupidly hilly route back! Thankfully I got home okay.

Any favourite pro or inspiration : Inspiration has got to be from all the clubs and riders that get up early on a morning and churn out the miles, whether it be for training or as a social event. I also love the cheery waves you get (sometimes!) when mashing around...that really makes you happy that you are part of the cycling community.

What is your favourite bike food : Anything...bananas, oats, apples, cake (oops did I say that out loud : ), and cereal bars. Plus anything that is put on my plate made by my Mum and Dad!

Where is your favourite cycling location : Believe it or not, Nepal. Had a great day mountain biking out there with my Dad and brother a few years back. Had an absolute blast riding through villages/up and down hills and being chased by dogs. The hills of Surrey aren't too bad either! Just waiting for it to get a little warmer here and we'll be set for some nicer rides, it's a shame I suffer from hay-fever in the summer though.

Most likely to say : "I'm!"

Least likely to say : Anything clever!